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What is Box'd Chef?

We're a recipe box company created with Michelin Star chefs.

Each week you receive a box of carefully selected ingredients usually reserved for Britain's best chefs, just in time for the weekend. 

From flavour pairing to knife skills to sauce-making, our step-by-step guides demystify Michelin-standard techniques, empowering you to cook like a professional chef.

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Why Box'D Chef

Created By Michelin-Starred Chefs

We write all our recipes with Michelin star chefs, drawing on their years of passion, knowledge and experience.

Cook With The Best

We bring ingredients usually reserved for Michelin star chefs straight into your kitchen.

We work with the likes of Natoora, HG Walter and Wing of St Mawes to provide you with just the right amount of each ingredient, each one selected for sustainability, seasonality and flavour.

Exceptional Meals, Every Week

We do all the hard work — recipe testing, refining menus, gathering incredible ingredients — so that you can focus on the meal itself.

Learn from Michelin Star Chefs

How to perfectly pair flavour combinations

New skills and techniques

Where your produce comes from

Our Ingredients

Each dish is designed to celebrate natural, seasonal flavour. Be it a cut of meat, a vegetable or freshly caught fish - every single ingredient is a star in its own right. In each recipe, we highlight one and teach you how to showcase its natural talent.

Star Ingredient - Coco de Paimpol

July - September
Brittany, France

Rarely seen outside of France, these pearly white beans come direct from Alexandre, an organic grower on the northwesterly Côte d'Armor. This is one of France’s richest growing regions, known for its rich mineral soil and gentle coastal climate. So prized are these beans that they've been protected by an IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) for over twenty years, in a bid to preserve the integrity of the seed and its unique profile. No other white bean comes close. Grown slowly in open fields, the sea breeze and mild temperatures help to produce thin-skinned beans with a dense, creamy flesh. Picked semi-dry - when the pods are almost dry but the beans inside are still moist and fresh - these beans are delicate and so must be hand-harvested, back-breaking work that few continue to do in these days of mechanised agriculture. Despite the limited supply and short season, Coco de Paimpol are undoubtedly worth the effort.

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