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As food lovers, we love to experiment and have fun in the kitchen. Creating mouth-watering dishes and sharing them with family and friends, or perhaps just treating ourselves to a decadent dessert.

Despite a bookshelf full of inspiring cookbooks from our favourite chefs, it’s often daunting to try something new. Leftover ingredients, recipes which often don’t work or come out remotely like the photograph, or just food which tastes odd and requires professional equipment. We begin hopeful and finish disheartened, reverting back to our old, tried and tested recipes.

At Box’d Chef we’re taking the cooking experience up a notch. We’re creating a cooking community around you and some of Britain’s best chefs. Together we devise recipes which not only work and taste great but are designed to be achievable in your home kitchen.

All our recipes come with tips from Michelin Star chefs and insider tricks so you’ll learn the nuances of really nailing a dish, time after time, and fixing those inevitable mistakes we all make. We want you to feel inspired to cook more without spending all day in the kitchen - unless you want to. 

We deliver the precise amount of ingredients to your door, ready for your culinary experience to begin. The menu changes each week, and you can choose one dish to learn, arriving on Friday. 

Once you sign up, you can try a one-off box with no commitments. If you would like to receive more boxes you can log into your account each week and select what recipe you would like to receive the following week in less than a minute. 


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