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Each week we have one meat, fish and vegetarian option to choose from. We deliver on Friday across the country.

Crisp sea bream, pumpkin gnocchi, mussels, smoked bacon, roast onions and sage

Making any kind of fresh pasta yourself tastes so much better!!! And these pumpkin gnocchi are a fun example of that, Here with the mussels, smoked bacon and crispy skin bream this dish has all the hallmarks of a great winter fish dish. It’s interesting, seasonal and delicious to eat.

By Daniel Fletcher

1 hour 45 minutes Fish £30 (£15 per person)
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Poached duck egg with potato pancakes, roast celeriac, turnip tops and wild mushroom sauce

I love making these potato pancakes, it’s a great recipe that I often make at home. Whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner they’re easy and delicious at any time. Here it’s with duck egg for some decadence and cima di rapa, also known as turnip tops, which is a wonderful rich dark green leaf that works magically with this dish.

By Daniel Fletcher

1 hour 15 minutes Vegetarian £30 (£15 per person)
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Salt baked squab pigeon with blackberries, chestnuts and celeriac

Pigeons are one of my favourite meats when cooked in the salt pastry it keeps the birds so juicy and soft. The chestnuts used raw here adds a lovely texture. So often used cooked, it's a real treat to have them in season and use them fresh like this. With the pickled blackberries, they really complete this dish for me.

By Sam Ashton-Booth

1 hour 25 minutes Meat £30 (£15 per person)
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Fillet of smoked haddock with crusted potatoes, soft poached egg and grain mustard

One of the all time greats. Pristine flakey smoked haddock topped with a soft poached and a rich buttery emulsion with grain mustard is a true classic. It takes me back to both my days of cooking at Bibendum, under Simon Hopkinson, and eating at some of London’s in vogue restaurants of the 90’s.

By Philip Howard

50 minutes Fish £30 (£15 per person)
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Beef onglet with kohlrabi, black curry, puffed rice and pied de mouton ragou

The Onglet cut is one of my personal favourites because of the flavour that hides underneath it. The garnish start showing us how autumn can be awesome with cabbage and brassicas, and the black curry brings a different profile to this dish - something from the far east.

By Asimakis Chaniotis

1 hour 20 minutes Meat £30 (£15 per person)
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Roasted pumpkin with wild mushrooms, horseradish and sourdough

This dish is all about autumn: pumpkin, chanterelles, trompettes... The Delica pumpkin is just incredible. Dense and sweet unlike any other when it's at its peak, this dish really showecases it and brings out what makes it so great. Also, mushrooms and horseradish just taste so great together. One of those flavour combinations for me which is just so fantastic and is worth bringing to peoples attention. All three together, for me, is just a fantastic plate of seasonal flavour.

By Alyn Williams

50 minutes Vegetarian £30 (£15 per person)
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