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Our Spanish-leaning ingredients come from Brindisa. Brindisa has been seeking out the best charcuterie, dairy, fish and dry ingredients Spain has to offer for nearly 30 years. They work directly with independent producers across some of the country's most historical and important gastronomic regions.

Like us, sustainability and transparency is at the forefront of their sourcing. They know exactly how each of their products has been made, from the breed of sheep used to make a cheese to the fishermen bringing in the tuna. They only work with producers whose animal husbandry is of an exceptionally high standard, where the quality of life of the animal is as important as the end product.

The preservation of fish stocks and responsible fishing practices are two of the most important issues when it comes to sustainable fishing and these are factors that have influenced Brindisa’s choice of fish suppliers. Their salt cod is produced from sustainable fish stocks in waters off the Faeroe Islands, Bonito del Norte is caught on rod and line in the Cantabrian Sea and the anchovies used by Ortiz and Conservas Nardín are fished from the same waters.

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