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August - September I Etchingham, East Sussex

Discovery are the first variety of British apples to ripen and are only available for a very short, month-long season. While varieties that ripen later may have a more complex flavour profile, Discovery are highly anticipated by chefs for their seasonal significance: their fresh, new flavour is a clear signal that the seasons are changing, much like Beaujolais in the wine industry. Like our Victoria plums, these are hand-harvested from an orchard on a family-run fruit farm on the High Weald. Chris and John at Ringden select fruit with firm, dense flesh and deep red patches on the skin: a sign that the fruit has been ripened by the lingering summer sun. Discovery apples are a brilliant local example of why waiting for produce to come into season is well worth the self-restraint, their flavour is completely different from imported southern hemisphere fruit.

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