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    Why is Box’d Fresh different?

  • Bursting with flavour

    All of our recipes are deliciously mouth- watering and you will learn how to unlock flavour, enhance taste and preserve the texture of food! 

  • Lots and lots of variety

    Each week we upload six new delicious recipes for you to choose from. We create recipes from all over the globe so that you can experience new cuisines and broaden your palate. (As our network grows, you can look forward to even more variety!). 

  • Absolutely no food wastage

    All of our ingredients are pre-portioned and we send you only what you need. Eliminating food wastage is our contribution towards a sustainable future.

  • Incredibly simple and convenient

    All of our fresh and organic ingredients are delivered to your door for a meal packed with goodness. Say goodbye to mundane shopping lists, queueing in the supermarket and being a domestic slave. Most of our recipes can be cooked in 30 minutes, leaving you more time for life's greatest pleasures! 

  • It's mega-fresh

    Unlike other meal kit services all the ingredients you receive from us are farm-fresh and not frozen. From the time the ingredients for your recipe box arrives to us from the artisans and farmers we work with across the country, they are speedily packed and boxed for delivery to your door. Learn more about the quality of our suppliers in 'Where do your ingredients come from?' section. 

    Where do your ingredients come from?

  • From the farm

    All of our fresh produce comes directly from farms, often family-run. Please see for more detailed information of the provenance of our vegetables, meat and poultry and fish. 

  • From organic and sustainable suppliers

    We only work with meat and fish suppliers who show the greatest respect for the environment and support sustainable farming and fishing practices. That’s why our produce is both mega fresh and mega tasty!

  • From Britain

    Almost all of our ingredients are sourced in the UK. We’re very proud to support and work with farmers that play an important role in maintaining the iconic British countryside. Of course, we also use speciality suppliers sometimes so that we can offer you international authentic flavours in our recipes. 

    How does it all work?

  • Box’d Fresh costs

    1 Person Plan- £8.75 per meal 

    2 Person Plan- £6.95 per meal 

    Family Plan- £5.95 per meal 

  • Free nationwide delivery

    We offer free delivery to all our customers no matter where you are in Britain.

  • Choosing recipes

    We change the menu every week with up to six delicious and healthy recipes to choose from. 

  • When you need to choose by

    Please make your choices by Sunday at midnight the week before your delivery, to allow us enough time to source the farm-fresh ingredients for our recipes.

  • Number of people you can order for

    You can order your Box’d Fresh box for one person, two people or for a family of four.

  • Delivery days

    We deliver our recipe boxes on Fridays between 7am to 9pm. Because we use a logistics company for delivery, we cannot yet offer a smaller, more convenient window right now.

  • Not at home?

    No problem. Most of our customers aren’t at home when their Box’d Fresh box arrives. Simply tell us a safe location on your property to leave it in. The cooling elements and Woolcool insulation in your box will keep the food fresh until midnight that day. 

  • Recycling

    Almost all the materials we use can be recycled. You can dispose of our cardboard boxes in your recycling bin. The Woolcool insulation liners are biodegradable and can also be recycled. (Vegan boxes never contain a Woolcool.)

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    At Box'd Fresh you can cancel your subscription at any time. All you have to do is give us ample notice so we can notify our suppliers in plenty of time. You can cancel your subscription up until Sunday at midnight the week before your delivery is due.

    To cancel your account. Click here

    What’s on your menu?

  • It’s nourishing

    All of our recipes are packed with wholesome ingredients that promote health and well-being, whilst also providing rich and comforting recipes if you fancy a treat! We prefer not to be too over the top with 'healthy-eating' as we believe that the food we eat should also be deliciously tasty and fun! Check out our menu and see for yourself!

  • It’s seasonal

    Every week you’ll be able to choose from recipes with lots of different seasonal ingredients. Why not skip the grocery store and see what farm-fresh produce really tastes like? 

  • It’s exciting

    Gone are the days of eating chicken, broccoli and rice to get lean or forcing to get the kids to eat their veggies. With Box’d Fresh, you’re guaranteed a selection of different cuisines to choose from. Not feeling too adventurous? We also have some simple recipes to tickle your tastebuds.

    How do I sign up?

  • No long term commitment or tie

    When you sign up to Box’d Fresh, there is absolutely no long term lock-in and you may cancel your subscription or put it on hold at any time.

  • Away or on holiday?

     Simply go to your account settings and put your subscription on hold until you come back. Don’t forget to start it again once you are back!

  • Becoming a culinary wiz

    We recommend that you enjoy Box’d Fresh for at least a month so that you can learn a few new tricks in the kitchen and expand your cooking repertoire! As an added bonus you'll feel healthier and more energetic! 

    How do I store my ingredients?

  • Keeping everything tip-top

    Our whole packaging and delivery process is optimised to ensure that your ingredients reach you in a perfect condition, so it’s very important to store them correctly. The following tips will help you…..

  • Meat and fish

    Always store meat and fish in your fridge. If you want to use them beyond their shelf life, freeze them as soon as you unpack your Box’d Fresh box.

  • Cupboard ingredients

    Tins, jars, and other ‘dry’ ingredients can be stored in a cool cupboard.

  • Fruit, vegetables and sauces

    Store in the fridge.

  • Herbs

    Store in the fridge. A few herbs, such as Basil, are better off being kept in a cool dry place.

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