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After Anthea's years at the River Café, there could only be one butcher for Box'd Chef - H.G. Walter. Supplier to over thirty Michelin Star restaurants, HG Walter is the go-to meat supplier for London’s most influential chefs, food writers and critics. Established in 1972, this independent, family-run business has dedicated itself to perfecting traditional methods of meat preparation. Every one of their expert butchers has their own specialist field, be it beef marbling, ageing or breed knowledge.    

All their meat is free-range and raised on natural feed, without the use of any antibiotics or steroids. They seek out passionate, skilled farmers raising a diverse range of heritage breeds, each one selected for its own unique flavour and raised according to traditional methods.

Each cut of meat is hand-picked by their expert butchers for its marbling and fat covering; a process which ensures consistently high quality. They age the meat themselves, monitoring each joint individually to capture flavour at its absolute peak. Their dedication to tradition, simplicity and quality shines through every single cut of meat on the block.

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