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Connecting you to Michelin star chefs, farmers and artisan producers are Anthea and James. A business graduate and self-professed foodie, James draws his inspiration from his father, who left school at sixteen to start his own company. Looking to combine his two passions, James saw a gap in the recipe box market. Where most focus on healthy and convenient cooking, James wanted to bring the challenge and excitement of an exceptional meal into people's kitchens. Anthea was set to take over a new restaurant in Amsterdam when a chance email from James stopped her in her tracks - the rest, as they say, is history.

With six years of experience at the River Café, Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray's Michelin-starred restaurant in London, Anthea was the perfect co-founder for James' budding idea. She's involved from recipe conception to plating, working side by side with each chef to guarantee an achievable, outstanding meal comes out of each box. James ensures that every single decision is taken with subscribers' experience in mind - from sourcing sustainable packaging to delivery to value. Together, their passion for great food and exceptional customer experience is sparking a revolution in the way people cook.

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