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Sam's love for food started at a very young age, helping his uncle with Sunday lunch and his grandma with her vegetable garden. These well-established roots saw the young chef through years in some of the best but toughest kitchens in the country. Training in Michelin-starred kitchens, Sam started as a senior chef de partie at Tom Sellers' one-starred restaurant ‘Story’, eventually working his way up to Head Chef. He learned all aspects of running a high end kitchen, from creating food of the highest order to shaping a team focussed on one goal - creating the best possible experience for the guests.

Running the kitchen at Story was a huge part of Sam's development, teaching him to never stop questioning. From how food makes people feel, where it comes from, how it could be improved - Sam is driven by self-improvement. An incredibly intense but hugely exciting experience, his time at undoubtedly made him the chef he is today, from how he sources ingredients to the respect and kindness he is known for showing to his team.

Sam is currently spearheading a pop up at Counter Culture in Clapham. The menu will feature ingredients sourced entirely from his friend Jake "Wiggo" Ball's allotment in Biggleswade.

I am passionate about where food comes from: my motto is to source as locally as possible. My dishes are simple, elegant and clever - created with a view to letting ingredients usually deemed unexciting to become the star, and be just as important as anything else on the plate.

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