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In 1890 a Sardinian local named Agostino Vallebona started trading olive oil and bottarga (cured grey mullet roe) within the Northern states of Italy and Spain. Rising from his shelter in shepherd’s huts at dawn to walk all day hauling olive oil and paying his way with chunks of cheese, the family run Vallebona business was started.

Carrying on his legacy today is his great-grandson Stefano, who has supplied London's top restaurants with the finest Italian produce - from cheeses to flours to oils - for over twenty years. Starting as his great-grandfather did with the finest bottarga he could find, Stefano has slowly and painstakingly built up his import collection in London. His unwavering passion for finding the best Italian artisanal produce sees him as a valued supplier to those in the know.

To this day, Stefano and his wife Naoko maintain close relationships with every one of the independent, small-scale family producers. Each one is hand-selected for their dedication to who have the same passion for producing as we do for sourcing.

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